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Starting from the top of the wealthiest list, down to the wealthiest 70,000, the total is between 5 and 10 trillion dollars of wealth.

1- 587 ~ 2 Trillion

600 -5000 ~ 2 Trillion

5000-70000 ~ 2 Trillion

These figures are derived from information I got from Forbes.com and from economist.com. Bear in mind that the total will fluctuate from day to day, by billions of dollars.

It is interesting to note that the financial elite are getting richer at a faster rate than all other classes the wealth gap is widening. [ World Wealth Report (2004) Capgemini and Merrill Lynch]

Note that wealth is not necessarily the same as money. Wealth is often in the form of property and stocks, and isn't always easy to liquidate. This means that although there is a certain amount of wealth in the world, it is not the same as cash. This wealth, although extremely significant, is not as important as having the profits of our economy directly befittingly the world.