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Huey P. Long

How many men ever went to a barbecue and would let one man take off the table what they intended for 9/10 of the people to eat? The only way you'll ever be able to feed the balance of the people is to make that man come back and bring back some of that grub he ain't got no business with. - Huey P. Long

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Huey P. Long was a governor of Louisiana and US Senator in the 1930's. He proposed his a mixed economic system, called "Share our Wealth", which would have installed a system similar to the capital cap.

To gain support, he set up communities of people who spread information and shared ideas. Long had the support of thousands of groups made of hundreds of people, creating a network of about 8 million people, all supporting his policy. Long was on track to gaining the support of enough Americans to implement a new system across the nation.

Although there were criticisms of both Long and his policy, he showed that solidarity is essential for change to occur. Long gained power by sending information in the form of books and pamphlets sent via mail, and the thoughts he shared reached the hearts of many.

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