The Global Voting System

The Global Voting System (GVS) is a world-wide digital network designed with one ultimate goal: to give each human a way to voice their opinion, and thereby bring real democracy to the world. Running on existing infrastructure (like the Internet), the GVS gives everyone a way to be heard on issues that affect them locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Global Voting System Specs

Able to change and adapt to new ideas and emergent technology, the GVS will be open-source to ensure transparency and flexibility. Distributed rather than centralized, the GVS will be dispersed to multiple nodes all over the world to ensure shared ownership.

Open Source

Being open-source will be an essential quality of the GVS, to ensure a transparent system that all can see, judge, and even modify. The specifications of the GVS should be made available on the Internet, including the security protocols, the technology used, and all other significant details.


Being dynamic and flexible will ensure the GVS can adapt to new technology and new ideas. Modifications to the GVS could be done through a Wiki style system that allows multiple contributions, or, if the Wiki style becomes prone to malicious edits, a special type of ballot could be implemented that allows for changes to the GVS system itself.


The GVS will be distributed, rather than centralized, meaning that it is spread out to nodes everywhere, all over the world. This would ensure shared ownership, and restrict the amount of power any one faction can have over the system. It is of the utmost importance that no one entity ever gain control of the GVS. Pluralism - the sharing of multiple points of view - is an essential quality of the GVS.

A program similar to those currently used in p2p, like bit torrent or distributed computing projects, could be used to run the GVS. But instead of file-sharing or data-crunching, the GVS program will be used for casting and creating votes, as well as for distributing votes across the GVS network. The voting results could be tallied real-time by each instance of the GVS program for the end user to see, as well as posted to web-pages that keep track of the results.

How Does Voting Work?

Casting a Vote

Voting would take place from a local voting booth, and eventually from home or from a cell phone type device. After passing security checks that will ensure both anonymity and the uniqueness of the person voting, the voter would then be able to access new ballots to vote on, and could then proceed to vote for, vote against, or abstain. One could also review and modify previously voted upon ballots.

Creating a ballot

To create a ballot (i.e. an issue to be voted upon), one could input a description of the issue, select the area impacted by the the issue, then submit it to the GVS. A one ballot per person per month rule would help to limit spam.

Vote Ranking

To keep the effects of spam to a minimum, the GVS could use an accolade-type vote ranking system, where newly created ballots are only sent to a small percentage of the total voters, then, as the ballot receives more and more positive votes, it get sent to more and more people. That way, for, say, a global issue to reach everyone in the world, it will have already received the support of a large number of people.

Security Issues

Security protocols are of the utmost importance to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the GVS. Malicious actions should be expected, and the responsibility will fall on the rest of humanity to remain eternally vigilant to keep the GVS up and running.

Ensuring the 1-person 1-vote rule

The GVS will need to use technology, such as biometric scanning, to ensure the uniqueness of every individual, preventing multiple votes from the same person. Also, to protect the identity of voters, anonymity will be part of the security protocols.

Biometric scanning can create a unique signature for each human without the need to disclose who each person is. While the physical location of the individual will be essential to facilitate local, regional and national voting, the identity of each voter need not be disclosed.

Fighting Vote Tampering

The GVS will use the latest algorithms to keep vote tampering to a minimum. Once a vote is made, the results need to be kept accurate, so that the vote is not changed by anyone other than the one cast the vote. Also, erroneous votes and falsely created results need to be controlled.

Spam Reduction

A limit must also be put on the amount of ballots a user can create in a certain period of time to limit the amount of superfluous votes (say, a one ballot per month limit).

Keep it Free

Most importantly, the GVS must always remain open and free, and never come under the control of a single person or a single group, thereby keeping the power dispersed across the human race.

What will the GVS do?

The potential of the GVS is huge. It can spread democracy across the world. It can empower every human, giving humanity a way to take the power back. The GVS can bring us together, uniting neighbourhoods, cities, countries, and even uniting the whole world. The GVS and the democracy it creates could bring a lasting peace to our world.

Bring Real Democracy

First and foremost, the GVS will pave the pathway to a democratic world, where everyone gets an equal say in the direction that the human race heads towards. The GVS will provide everyone with an alternative to existing political channels, giving everyone a chance to contribute and feel part of the world's community.

Combat the Concentration of Power

No longer will we solely rely on politicians and legislation that may or may not serve our best interests. Instead, we will be able to choose where we go and how we get there, and enjoy the benefits of a self-governing world. The GVS will provide a way to topple tyrants, to dismantle dictatorships, and to halt totalitarianism by empowering all of humanity.

The Great Uniter

The GVS will serve as the mechanism used to unite the voice of the world's people. When we unite the voice of the worlds people, everyone will see just how similar everyone else is. We all share similar dreams, similar needs and similar ideals. We all want a good life for ourselves, our friends and our families. With the GVS, there will no longer be “us” and “them”. There will only be “us”... a global village comprised of all types of humans, everywhere.

With the solidarity that the GVS will bring, we can ensure that no human potential is wasted, and do the most to secure the future of our world and all life on it. The united voice of humanity will speak out against starvation, against easily treatable/preventable disease, and against unnecessary suffering no matter where it takes place.

World Peace

Most people want to live in peace. With the GVS , we will see that wars and global conflict do not represent the will of the nations at war, and instead, we can unmask the truth that war only serves the interests of a minority of people who are highly influential in the decision making process. The GVS will bring a lasting peace to our world.

Where to start

Spread the Word

The first step to implementation will be to spread information about the many benefits and to gain support from enough people. It will be essential to create publicity and widespread desire for the GVS for it to come to fruition. Once enough people hear about the potential of global voting, it will happen.

Gain the Support of Powerful Institutions

Second, and equally important, will be to gain the support of organizations and institutions with the clout and the resources to implement such a large-scale system. Imagine if an Internet giant like Google were to help spearhead the GVS... we could have the GVS reach the whole world in a few short years.

Install the GVS Where it is Welcomed

Initially, the GVS will only be able to go where it is welcomed, meaning nations under dictatorships and other totalitarian regimes will not willfully allow their people to access a tool like the GVS. Over time, it is hoped that the GVS will become the tool that allows people to overcome tyranny.

Gain Legitimacy

At first, the GVS will run parallel to existing political systems, functioning primarily as an opinion poll. Over time, as people see how effective it is, it will increasingly legitimize itself as it is made more secure and more robust, adapting to the needs of the people, until it is the primary venue for democracy throughout the world.

Time is of the essence

The Internet is at risk of becoming regulated by governments and NGO's alike. In a few years time, the freedoms and unrestricted information flow we have today may be eroded, meaning something like the GVS could no longer be feasible. We need to make the most of the time and freedom we have right now, to ensure that global democracy comes to fruition.

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