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Global Unity

We are one family, but we are not learning this fast enough. - Desmond Tutu



It will benefit everyone

We can make it happen

Let's start now


Imagine a planet somewhere in the universe where a sentient species has evolved and colonized the entire planet, much like we have done on earth. The nations of this world united while maintaining their own distinct identities. War no longer exists because there is no one left to fight.

The beings of this world look at each other not with fear, but as members of their own global family. Children are raised in a world of peace, learning that they too are part of the world's family. The global family does its best to alleviate suffering wherever it exists, and works towards ensuring a bright and prosperous future for all life. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Now imagine if 100 years ago humans started to spread a message of peace, and a peace movement gained momentum all over the world. The dream of world peace was made desirable and believable to enough humans for a global family to become a majority. Despite the obstacles that arose, the dream was passed on and pressed on, through education, word of mouth, and through the new generations. Imagine where our world would be today, 100 years after the peace movement started. We could be living in a world of peace, right now.

Where do we want our world to be in 100 years?


The idea of world peace has been around for a long time. With all the turmoil that continues to plague our world, peace has never seemed further away. But really, world peace has never been closer; it is just outside our grasp... we only need to seize it.

Global unity – the unification of the people of the world – will bring peace and prosperity for everyone. The path to global unity is a relatively simple and quick process. We can make peace happen within a few generations.

It will benefit everyone

Everyone stands to gain from a united world. A world of peace means we live with less fear and a higher quality of life. Global unity will also help to secure our children's future and the survival of our species.

Not only will global unity benefit everyone directly, it represents an opportunity to do something that has never before been done on earth – we could unite on a global scale. Global unity will be an accomplishment we can all be proud of.

In a world where nations cooperate, we will no longer have to fear foreign invasion or nuclear annihilation. With global unity, we also get the personal security that comes from knowing that if either ourselves or a loved one becomes sick or injured, the world is more able to help.

Another benefit of global unity will be an increase to nearly everyone's economic situation – which means more money! We will be able to take control of our world's wealth and divert the profits of humanity's labour into social services, like health care and education, which are investments into our future.

The first surplus of wealth comes from the trillions of dollars spent on military budgets. With no one left to fight, the world's war machine can be dismantled, which is something everyone should want, if not for themselves, then for their family.

The second economic surplus will come when we replace our current economic system with one that is both sustainable and more equally distributes wealth.

In our world today, there is such a huge wealth gap between the financial elites and everyone else. This gap only encourages instability, and perpetuates things like war and starvation. With the solidarity that comes from global unity, we could impose a system like the capital cap which keeps the benefits of capitalism but prevents humans from amassing billions of dollars and the power that goes along with that kind of wealth. Like a class action suit against the world's wealthiest, we can take back the power and force the billionaires of the world to share.

The immediate effects of global unity – less fear, more social services, and a sustainable economy – will increase the quality of life for every human on earth. A human living with a higher quality of life will be less dependent on crime, violence or drugs. Global unity will bring a cyclically improving world; things will get better with every new generation.

Through global unity and world peace, we are more likely to see our species' genetic code survive and proliferate, giving us an opportunity to spread the seeds of humanity throughout the universe.

And really, isn't that what its all about? We spend most of our lives invested in increasing our status – get educated, get a job, get in shape, get a spouse, get a home, and get lots of fancy stuff. For the most part, our lives are spent getting the most for ourselves, and ultimately, the most for our children. But what is the point if we let our world fall apart? Global unity will help to ensure our life's efforts are not wasted.

We can make it happen

Global unity can be made a reality. Using tools like the Internet, it will be possible for the benefits of global unity to become known to more and more people. When enough people want peace and believe it can happen, global unity will be made a reality.

One main characteristic of any human is selfishness; we all are genetically programmed to want more for ourselves. While greed may seem like the main reason why peace cannot happen, it is actually the main reason why peace can happen. Given an option that will give us more, we will almost always choose it. Global unity, and the personal benefits it will bring, is something everyone will naturally want.

While global unity is something that everyone will benefit from, we still need a way to get from where we are now to where we want to be. The way to a world of peace – the peace path – is a relatively simple process. The peace path has three steps, each of which can be done by the individual, and each can be done simultaneously.

The first step to world peace is to expand the way we look at ourselves in the world. Instead of only considering ourselves to be part of a city, state/province, and country, we go one step further and consider ourselves to be part of the world. For example, George W. Bush is from New Haven, Connecticut, and America, but he is also a human from planet earth.

Once we accept this expanded paradigm, then, when it comes to others, no matter their beliefs or appearances, they too become part of our group, part of our family. If others embrace the same global family paradigm, then they too will consider us to be members of their global family. Humans are naturally social animals; we love and protect our family, and we hate and fight threats to our family. When our world's people embrace a global mentality, our world will love and protect itself.

Being a member of a global family does not mean we all have to conform to one global standard. Instead, we can be more tolerant and embrace the diversity of our species, allowing our differences to compliment each other. Even if someone refuses to accept a global family paradigm, we are not at a disadvantage to consider them as being part of our own.

The second step to world peace is for each individual to seek inner peace. When we can be happy with what we already have and who we already are, then we will be more inclined to be at peace with the world.

An individual who is at peace will be more able to embrace a global family paradigm as well as be more willing to accept diversity and tolerate difference. Inner peace also brings the confidence to face the unknowns of life, including the changes that global unity will bring.

Seeking inner peace can be a never-ending quest, but as our lifespans continue to grow, peace will be easier to find. As we live longer and longer, we will have more time to absorb, through books and other mediums, the wisdom our species has already learned.

The third step to world peace is encouraging others to take the peace path. Spreading the message of global unity will be essential for making it happen. It is up to anyone who wants world peace to let those around them know the benefits of global unity. It will be important to reach, or to at least try to reach, influential members of the establishment, including church and business leaders, and especially law enforcement personnel. It only takes one person, in any walk of life, to reach out to those around them.

The third step - encouraging others - can be considered the most challenging step, since it requires both courage and confidence. It means standing up for what we believe. Discussing issues like global unity, world peace, or alternative economic systems means we open our ideals to scrutiny and make ourselves vulnerable to criticism and even mockery. However, considering the benefits of successfully achieving global unity, the risks associated with discussing it are worthwhile.

When it comes to spreading the message of global unity, we cannot rely on our mainstream media for support. The majority of our media outlets are owned by a few financial elites. Since global unity will adversely affect the wealth of the media's owners, the media is unlikely to support global unity. Even if a journalist or television spokesperson wanted to vocally support global unity, they would be reprimanded or fired if they spoke out. This is why it will be up to individuals, using independent means, to spread the message of global unity and world peace.

While it can take years or even decades for a message of unity to reach enough minds for it to prevail, it has never before been easier than it is today. New technology like the Internet provides us with an excellent tool for organizing, gaining support and exchanging ideas. Computers and the Internet are both great ways to overcome language and cultural barriers, making the idea of global unity easy to spread.

With every new generation, world peace is becoming more and more likely. Already, our youth are growing up in a world where, be it through gaming or chatting, they are connected with people from all over the world. Never before have we been more united. We are the generation we have been waiting for.

Let's start now

Global unity and world peace will not happen overnight. It takes time for change to happen on a global scale. As our population continues to grow, peace and unity become increasingly more important for our survival.

While there are many obstacles on the path to world peace, and while our future will always be uncertain, there is one thing we can almost surely be certain of: if we do not strive for peace, we will not find it.

A better world starts with each of us. Together, we can do anything.

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