A Book for a Better World

A Book For a Better World was released under the Creative Commons License, for free, in 2005 in an online distribution campaign. Over 5000 copies were distributed, with more being downloaded every day. You can view a copy online by clicking the cover page on the right, or by clicking here.

Some Excerpts:

"We already have many ways in which we can improve our world... feasible and plausible solutions to many of the problems that plague our existence. If we wanted to, we could witness dramatic improvements to the quality of life on earth. While there is no way to create a Utopia, we can still significantly decrease suffering on a global scale, and we can do it within our lifetimes."

"Imagine a planet somewhere in the universe where a sentient species has evolved and colonized the entire planet, much like we have done on earth. The nations of this world united while maintaining their own distinct identities. War no longer exists because there is no one left to fight.

The beings of this world look at each other not with fear, but as members of their own global family. Children are raised in a world of peace, learning that they too are part of the world's family. The global family does its best to alleviate suffering wherever it exists, and works towards ensuring a bright and prosperous future for all life. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Now imagine if 100 years ago humans started to spread a message of peace, and a peace movement gained momentum all over the world. The dream of world peace was made desirable and believable to enough humans for a global family to become a majority. Despite the obstacles that arose, the dream was passed on and pressed on, through education, word of mouth, and through the new generations. Imagine where our world would be today, 100 years after the peace movement started. We could be living in a world of peace, right now.

Where do we want our world to be in 100 years?"