The u4Ya Foundation

The u4Ya Foundation is dedicated to inspiring hope and optimism by presenting real, rational reasons to expect great things in our future. Humankind is on the verge of a great transformation: we are destined for so much more than we have today (which isn't to say that life today isn't already awesome!).

New technologies, new developments, and new levels of co-operation will bring about fundamental transformations to our world. Small improvements in one area can ease improvements in other areas... so that the more we improve any area in our world, be it education, technology, or empowering individuals, all of these things will come together to create a snowball effect... a world that is cyclically improving. As our world improves, the world will be in a better position to further improve the world.

The more hopeful people, the more optimism we have, the better our world will be. The better our world becomes, the more optimists and positive people we will create.

Our Team

Image of Rick Dickinson Founder - Rick Dickinson

Rick is an artist and an author, having created most of the content on  In 2005, Rick released his first book A Book for a Better World, which was well-received, and is presently available for download on

As an artist, Rick aspires to share a vision of the future... a great future where the world is no longer at war, and no longer suffering from the plague of extreme poverty.  By giving rational, concrete reasons as to why life on earth will continue to improve, Rick's dream is to inspire hope and optimism in enough people to ensure that these magnificent transformations come to fruition.